Thursday, November 21, 2019

Worship in church Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Worship in church - Essay Example After five days of creation work, God created man. Later God allowed man to dominate over the rest of His creations. This meant that, man could use the rest of the creation in the satisfaction of his needs. Consequently, man had to show gratitude for such a provision. The discovery of a superior being, regarded as the originator of all the creation, resulted to its worship (Schultze 74). The book of exodus in the Old Testament reveals God’s love to his people. God rescued the Israelites from the oppression they were undergoing in Egypt. He further offered protection to them throughout their journey to Canaan. They therefore, conducted worship as a means of appreciation. The above incidents reveal his caring nature. This history creates the foundation of the today’s church worship. Christians, therefore, understand God’s nature in a more appropriate manner than pagans do. Webber says that, worship enables people to understand God’s salvation (Webber 103). He argues that, during worship, believers perform functions in the declaration of their acknowledgment for God’s salvation. Additionally, worship facilitates the recognition of the position of the church, its collective appreciation, as well as its significance. He also argues that, worship lets believers to meet their God (Webber 102). He says that, when people recite the Holy Scriptures and preach about them, they receive the God’s power. Webber argues that, worship motivates people to achieve a certain goal. He articulates that it gives hope for a good future to believers despite the life challenges (Webber 102). He utilizes the example of the exodus story in the Old Testament alongside the passion and the resurrection, along with the return of Jesus Christ. Webber further articulates that Eucharist celebrations stand a vital position in church worship (Webber 110). He argues that, it renews the affiliation between man and God and it brings about transformation. Camp

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